Our political leaders have a false sense of confidence because voters aren’t critical of a government giving out money.

On September 4th, 2021, The Biden Administration will stop sending unemployment checks to almost 9 million Americans. The blunder? Believing anecdotal evidence that they’ll find work. What if they don’t? We’re talking 5% of our working population. That’s one out of every 20 Americans who had a job in 2019.

Like the Afghanistan withdrawal, I doubt the Biden Administration is listening to policy experts asking hard questions.

What if Delta keeps everyone home during Thanksgiving and Christmas? Even if it doesn’t, what businesses hire full-time employees with real salaries between the holidays? What happens when tens of millions have the…

In the past few years there has been breakneck development in each triangle

The Future of New England Is A conglomeration of Self-Contained Mini-Tech Cities

The Boston area, including Cambridge, escaped the Great Financial Recessional of 2007–2010 unscathed. As a grumpy boomer, I feel it should pay for its chutzpah in the next downturn. I may have to pound sand. The Boston area is once again reinventing itself.

This story told in triangles. I’ve made up some names for them.

The attributes of these triangles are as follows:

  1. Strong anchor organization: Harvard, Amazon, Sanofi
  2. Modern high-tech productivity space
  3. New condos/apartments within walking distance
  4. Close to a park / water
  5. Close to family housing (usually modernized older houses)

Boston’s most important resource is the intellectual capital…

A Cult of Personalities Waste Billions

Delusional techies and scammers run rampant while scientists keep thoughts to themselves, believing they’ll be safe from the consequences.

This isn’t a change your mind piece. This is for you who already have strong suspicions. Each crap-tech listed will be followed with a short paragraph of context. It may also have a link to my favorite debunking. If you believe I’m a sour-grapes, just don’t get it, idiot — then work the numbers. Moreover, I invent tech myself (as Maxotics) so this isn’t a question of innovation and risk-taking. …

Controlled demolition of 15 unfinished buildings in Kunming (nothing and everything to do with Evergrande)

Evergrande is one of China’s largest real estate development companies. They’re about to default on their bonds. For Real. Fortunately, the Chinese Government is about to step in. If you believe that will work I have some old Lehman Brothers notes to sell you.

Seriously, if you look around and see a bubble in high-rise construction and wonder if there will be enough demand, Evergrande may soon deliver the answer.

There was a saying when the U.S. was the global super-power, “When the U.S. sneezes the world gets a cold”. What will be closer to the truth is “When China’s…

The conflict over abortion has little to do with pregnancy and a lot to do with social status. Americans differ in what social status means. Crudely speaking, there is a north and south divide.

Status is the simple desire to feel good about yourself and your place among family, friends and workers.

Where does our need for status come from?

Let’s say biology because even dogs will fight over bones and affection.

“Not so fast,” you say. Status is a function of our learned social mores (education).

If you would say that, you probably believe in loose abortion laws.


The West is aging, buying less and less.

What will 2022 bring?

Sure, forty-year olds have midlife crises’ and buy Porsches, but sixty-year olds? To make up for pandemic’s declining-in-buying, banks have pushed more money into the economy. With more money than they need, even older people buy Porsches (though most goes into the stock market or real estate).

Putting old people aside, what’s important is everyone is spending new money. Money is pushed into our bank accounts and we spend it.

Do you believe this is happening? Money is being pushed into our pockets?

Or do you believe what the amount of new money is irrelevant? People…

Interview in 2018: “They’re not fully aware or owning the thing they made”

NOTE 9/4/2021 : This is the worst read-to-view ratio story I’ve ever written. So maybe you want to quit right here ;)

Before HBO’s White Lotus there was Enlightenment


I came to Enlightenment from White Lotus, a recent highly-entertaining virtuoso take-down of the wealthy by White and cast on HBO. Unlike the latter, Enlightenment is, at heart, a serious study of our deepest insecurities.

Are we meant to laugh at Amy’s (Laura Dern’s) efforts to find enlightenment, or are we going to see ourselves in her struggle?

In a 2012 Writers Guild Foundation interview,

Robin Schiff asks White if he think Enlightenment is supposed…

If Inflation Can Be Transitory Why Not Everything Else?

To keep things simple, I’m going to break society into two groups: renters and homeowners. I’ll argue that long-term inflation is necessary to re-balance the two.

When the economy crashed in the spring of 2020 tens of millions were thrown out of work. It’s not far-fetched to fear that, starving in the streets, they might take to the streets. Politicians acted quickly.

Their choices:

  1. Do nothing, but expect the mechanism of capitalism to lower rents based on tenant income and create jobs to suppress the virus.
  2. Give only renters and jobless workers money to pay their bills
  3. Give everyone money.

How do you find a suckberg in the making? Google “Amazon Warehouse” then jot down the names of the surrounding towns.

A “suckberg” is an already struggling suburb that only survives by becoming a work-camp for online warehouse.

In the future, most people will live in either city, suburb or suckberg.

Nationally, Amazon plans to build 117 new fulfillment centers. There are already 246. This is where things are headed.

Zillow can help you identify suckbergs. Look for rents below $2,000. At $15/hr, most Amazon workers will need to double-up — then double-up again to afford housing.

Amazon won’t pay…

He slept a lot at the end

The room was dark…fortunately. He was lying on his back. I picked up his penis and put it in a plastic cup. As he peed, I tried not to laugh. The day before, with everyone in the room, he watched me cross the room and asked why I slouched like a “sad sack.”

My father didn’t slouch. But inside he was a crippled man.

He could never ignore what he perceived as insults. In the weeks before his death he talked about someone in high school who slighted him and said he couldn’t think of it without getting angry all…

Max Rottersman

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