Excuse the exaggerations!

Do humans thrive above the seventh floor?

Will all these “luxury” high-rises make cities better? Sure, skyscrapers have defined cities for over a century, but can cities survive a complete change-over?

Why is that never questioned? Maybe nobody wants it.

Perhaps boomers, seeing, in their lifetimes, so much wealth created through real estate, decided that if a…

Our political leaders have a false sense of confidence because voters aren’t critical of a government giving out money.

On September 4th, 2021, The Biden Administration will stop sending unemployment checks to almost 9 million Americans. The blunder? Believing anecdotal evidence that they’ll find work. What if they don’t? We’re talking 5% of our working population. That’s one out of every 20 Americans who had a job in 2019.

In the past few years there has been breakneck development in each triangle

The Future of New England Is A conglomeration of Self-Contained Mini-Tech Cities

The Boston area, including Cambridge, escaped the Great Financial Recessional of 2007–2010 unscathed. As a grumpy boomer, I feel it should pay for its chutzpah in the next downturn. I may have to pound sand. The Boston area is once again reinventing itself.

This story told in triangles. …

Screenshot from my YouTube video on the subject

Wishful Thinking — Not Science — Sells Podcasting Microphones and Accessories

Neumann is the top brand name in microphones. Because they sell status-rich microphones for $8,000 they can easily sell an accessory that cost $2 to make for 50x the cost — if they put the Neumann name on it. …

Side lights $30 each on Amazon (not video lights, though top one is)

Instead of trying to look good, focus on removing distractions

With an external mic you can remove room noise, electronic hiss, other people coughing through your computer speakers. With more light on your face, you can change the viewers focus from the kitty litter box in the background — to you.

Trying to look perfect is a near impossible and…

In the 1980s, I began my adult life understanding that the United States economy would enter an instant depression if the American consumer stopped spending. We all had to do our part, from North to South, East to West — with credit cards — to keep that economy humming! We…

Many years ago, Taiwa, a beautiful Asian girl of Chinese descent, had a relationship with Mr. Chin. The relationship broke off. Mr. Chin was very controlling and believed pretty smart attractive girls like Taiwa didn’t know what was good for them.

Taiwa, in fear of her life from the increasingly…

Max Rottersman

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