AI Will Solve Climate Change!

We need to lean in, not criticize what we don’t understand

Max Can't Help It!
2 min readApr 8, 2024

Climate change is a complex subject. I’ve spent hours, days, weeks and months trying to understand it. Each part requires PhD level knowledge— The Atlantic Conveyer, Polar Vortex, Albedo, the reaction of gases at different altitudes, temperatures, cloud cover and humidity.

No one human brain can figure out the complete mechanism. That’s why AI, as they add more and more “neurons”, will reach that ultimate model, allowing us to move the right levers to save our planet.

Go away you simpletons, saying we should stop burning fuck-tons of fossil fuels for anything but the bare necessities of food, shelter and clothing.

It is NOT that easy. I don’t care if some of the people saying that stupid shit have PhDs! They may know a lot about math and weird models but they don’t understand technology. They’re all theoretical. They don’t see what we’re doing with new solar, battery and fusion technology!

Well, that’s all I have to say here. Go away you fuck-tards with your over-simplified argument that greenhouse gases, like CO2, lead to warming, which leads to severe weather events that destroy crops, shelter and people. It’s not that simple!

We need to develop the right model. AI can do it!

Then sure, if you must, you can close your eyes, spin around and say, “I want to go home. I want to go home…”

This message brought to you by AI, inc.