Biden BEGS Putin — Invade Ukraine Or Else!

Sometimes geopolitics makes no sense. One assumes there are complexities hidden behind closed doors. This isn’t one of those times.

Russia has been massing troops near Ukraine for a long time, especially since 2014 when it took back Crimea. For whatever reason, this time the U.S. reads it as preparation for war. Russia says “no, it’s a threat yes, but invasion no.” The U.S. keeps making a big deal out of it. So Russia says, fine, “promise you won’t accept Ukraine into NATO (which we both know isn’t going to happen anyway) and we’ll move those troops 100 miles up the road. I believe Russia thought that would be the end of it.

The U.S. says, “we’re not signing anything and now we know you REALLY want to invade Ukraine!”

And our press keeps repeating this over and over again, even with the basic history, the basic facts, right in front of their eyes.

I believe Russia is truly caught off guard by this U.S. smearing of Russian intentions, much like Jinping was by Trump when the U.S. erected tariffs. Whatever one may think of him, Putin is not even remotely stupid. And Biden? He’s always been corrupt (that isn’t partisan politics, a simple fact). Let’s not forget that Ukraine-based corruption made his son millions! Shame? Biden has the best crocodile tears in the business. (Though now he just cries because he forgets where he is).

The best defense of a corrupt politician is to point out one who is even more corrupt. In a sense, the Ukraine crisis is one of Biden and Putin calling the other one more corrupt.

Most of the media doesn’t see it the way I see it. Perhaps I am completely wrong. But if the Russia situation isn’t what the Biden Administration keeps insisting it is, Medium is where the answer will be, if not from me, someone else.

Why would Russia invade Ukraine now? I can’t see any sense in it. There are countless articles on the Internet that explain why Putin would like to take over Ukraine and the same amount of articles explaining why it’s too risky to undertake through direct military means — the first being the Russian public would be very much against it.

So why does the U.S. (or is it just Biden) continue to prod Russia to start a military operation?

The U.S. is flailing. Afghanistan pretty much broadcast U.S. weakness and lack of resolve to everyone on the planet. Therefore, the U.S. must show who’s boss. Never mind who is to be bossed or why. The U.S. must take a stand! Er, I mean a stand-against-Russian tyranny!

I know it’s cliché to bring up the grubby U.S. Defense Industry, but here again, sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one — they need a reason to exist. But don’t worry, Biden says that when Russia invades Ukraine, which it most definitely, absolutely will do, American kids won’t be sent there to fight.

Even your junior journalist scratches their head on that one.

We all sense anarchy is afoot. We see more of the homeless, rising crime, shuttered businesses and politicians always doing what they tell others not to.

We need meaning. We need a villain. Putin, c’mon. Just take the part and get on with it!

As I wrote about Afghanistan, back in August

I’m not going to argue that the U.S. (and other Western powers) should have stayed in Afghanistan (I’m on the fence). But I am going to argue that Americans are woefully naive if they believe this is going to be the end of it.

The recent unrest in Kazakhstan comes as no surprise. Neither does Ukraine. To me, the Ukraine crisis proves just how disorganized and unfocused the world has become. No one at the U.S. governments seems to know what they’re doing or why.

As much as I detest Trump, I predicted to friends it will be the Democrats that get us into a stupid war. I’ll give Trump one thing, he has the independence that when a general says we have to respond, attack (Iran shooting down drone) Trump says, “Nah, I’m going to bed.” Biden will say, “do what you think best.”

It won’t be best.



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