Defending Israel

Most Israelis Sadly Believe the United States Supports Them

Max Can't Help It!
6 min readJan 19, 2024
My Dad never discuss being Jewish or his time in the military

Some conclude, reading many of my pieces on Israel these past few months that I’m an antisemite, supporter of Hamas or, as some suggest, suffering from mental illness.

Perhaps, but there’s nothing Israel has done that we, the United States, haven’t done 10x bigger. What Israel is doing to Gaza we did to Iraq. When I was young the CIA went around South America getting people killed. There’s no life cheaper than the ones outside our 48.

The United States is no friend to anyone, Israel included. As my cousin says, we’re a confederation of pirates and thieves. Our trillion-dollar military isn’t there to defend us, it’s there to protect “our” global business interests. Or maybe it’s a huge 48-State pork-barrel “defense” (haha) industry welfare project. I’m undecided!

Although we’re no friend to Israel, we have a strong relationship which I’ll get into below.

Americans and Israelis (plus our other allies — commonly referred to as “White Empire” on Medium) will exploit any group of people we find inconveniently living above — something we want — in the ground beneath them. The attitude is that if you’re poor your deserve to be poor. Of course, these are my broad generalizations.