Everyone Wants Trump. I mean EVERYONE.

The Comfort Class is Running Scared

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Comedy and tragedy mirror each other. In comedy, everything goes wrong for our hero but we know it won’t kill him. In tragedy, we know it will.

For similar reasons, assume that the Democrats and Republicans are mirror opposites of each other.

Despite his histrionics, Trump is a blank slate. Socially deaf. A focus of a heart that is a lonely hunter. One can see him as the hero in one’s war with the deep state, or as the villain in one’s desire to see democratic institutions working together for the common good.

He’s everyone’s useful idiot perfected.

The United States has become divided into two main classes. (There are others but they’ve been marginalized). The first class is anyone who owns property AND generates income, either through investments or work. Let’s call them the comfort class.

The second class either doesn’t own property, or what they own they risk losing because their income is not keeping up with expenses. The struggling class.

I understand that income- and wealth-inequality seem like stale news. The good news is they will even out. The bad news is that its never happened in history without most of the world’s population hiding in their homes.

Everyone gets this. Everyone. You don’t need to be a student of history. You only need to look around you and recognize that most wealth was created in living memory — from your great grandparents’ generation forward.

You can’t take it when you go, as they say. Every single wealthy person living 100 years ago is gone. Sure, there are many who inherit wealth, but it dissipates and new generations become geniuses at defrauding (haha) the silver-spoon progeny of the wealthy.

Sorry to be crass. For time immemorial, if you can’t steal it and protect it you can’t keep it. Inheritance only give you custody of something everyone else will do their darndest to “borrow”.

War to me isn’t politics by other means, its wealth protection by other means.

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