Gaza With Nukes

Can North Korea Take It Much Longer?

Max Can't Help It!


Friday, February 2nd, 4:59 A.M. I woke up around 3 am. Lay in bed. Anxious. I try to get back to sleep. Can’t. Write it down? Try to get back to sleep? …

Let’s recap. World enters first stage of a recession around 2018 then Covid hits. Economies stop. No one knows what the meaning of life is, anymore.

Beginning in the Spring of 2020, the wealthy hoard, the poor get poorer, the young ignored more than ever, and everyone in between makes excuses for financial fraud.

Ukraine pulls, Russia pushes, and the West plays games. Putin and a few hundred oligarchs around him send a message to the world — you’re not going to cheat us! Europe plays dumb: cheat you on what? The U.S. plays dumb: sanction your military to death, us? The Ukrainians die.

Two years later, Russia, Ukraine and the West agree. A war-economy doesn’t need explaining. Meaning of life problem solved!

Both sides work on perfecting what they’re good at. The West at hitting targets with pin-point accuracy from hundreds of miles away. Russia at taking territory one bloody meter at a time.

No one pays attention to Palestinians rotting behind walls in Gaza or running from both the IDF and PLO in the West Bank.

Israeli oligarchs pull money from guarding the wall and promote women to guard it (a win-win!). The Palestinians seize their opportunity. Digging, a few flying over the wall in para-gliders, running, biking, they rush into Israel kidnapping people, to bargain for a better life, seek revenge (or at least get their family members out of Israeli prisons). Enraged many kill wantonly. To this day, we still don’t know what really happened. How much Hamas, how much crazed Palestinians.

What we do know for sure, looking at the photos, is that when the IDF got there 24 hours later (should have been a few hours) they shot everything that moved and, with their gunships, fired Hellfire missiles at any car or structure they thought might hold a terrorist. Not just a few.

Jews, Arabs, visiting foreigners — no time to check. Fire! Fire! Fire!

Naturally, when the smoke cleared, Israelis bowed their head in shame at killing their own so…