Humans With Nothing To Do

Max Rottersman
4 min readJun 14

For the past month I’ve been moving (our apt) within the bubble city of Cambridge, MA, stressing over a work project, taking care of family visits. Finally, I have the time look at the world anew.

Global growth is dead. It was before the pandemic. (I mark 2015 as the turning point). What looks like growth has been wealth consolidation. And it will continue. We don’t see the consequences here in Cambridge.

In China, the factories are closing from reduced demand or — if foreign owned — leaving. China’s intentions in the South China Seas? Obvious to all.

The Chinese wealthy who aren’t part of the CCP’s war machine are moving to Singapore, Europe, Canada, the U.S.

The nationalist empty-suit Chinese look across the Taiwan Strait and think, “if we can’t have it, no one else will.”

The U.S. empty-suits think, “you can’t beat us with your inferior copies of our weapons.”

There isn’t an independent-thinker in any large government. The mainstream news believes their leaders and their leaders believe the mainstream news. It’s the same for both democracies and autocracies. We’ve achieved peak global mediocrity clusterfuck.

Back in the U.S. those slipping down the dream pole believe opportunity awaits in Arizona, Texas or Florida. All they have to do is keep the immigrants out — as if.

The rich aren’t leaving California or fancy East Coast cities — believe you me. There are Cambridges everywhere!

From the restaurants and parks in Moscow, to those in the West — heck, even in Kyiv — the Ukraine war is discussed and, ironically, everyone agrees — Putin started it and Russian imperialism fuels it.

“Do you have oat milk for my latte?”

Why do we have trouble understanding Russians supporting Putin when Trump walks free after stealing hundreds of classified documents? A young man, Jack Teixeira, who took only a few stale documents and shared them with friends sits in prison without parole. The reason being, if free, young Jack would be a danger to the country.

People stand behind their bully, be it Trump or Putin or Xi. There’s no rationalizing them away from their guy. What about the people who hate Trump? Where is their…

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