I wrote the comment you quoted and first THANK YOU! Like you, I believe (?) I write to get people to have fun thinking. Agree. Disagree. Doesn't matter.

Money, or economics, is a complex subject that is trivialized when it's simplified into two types, "the rich" and "us workers". How many books have you read on economics? Not saying you have to. Only explaining why someone like me would be frustrated by someone theorizing about subjects many have spent their lives explaining. I agree with you there is a HUGE wealth equality problem. I believe we're headed for WWIII. I just disagree with you about the mechanics.

As for your conjectures about me. My family would laugh! Especially my three daughters. My wife and I, having to raise a family made sure we always lived in the best neighborhoods possible. Why?

Generally speaking, wealthier people, in my experience, are more educated and civil-works minded. Which comes first, the intelligence or the money I'll leave to you for a future article ;)

In short, we chose to rent in wealthier neighborhoods then buy in less-wealthy neighborhoods.

The point being, it DOES matter when "you're trying to raise a family". No one knows better than me. Have you raised a family? Teaching what you believe to children can seriously backfire. That's a WHOLE other contentious subject. Don't ask me. Show your articles to those with kids and see what they say. There are as many young people handicapped with too much money as too much judgmental thinking.

I didn't have to "accept anything". I have had opportunities to make a lot of money but I haven't taken them because other qualities of life are more important to me. Certainly, I am very lucky to have had this choice, but I feel this is the best delusion to have, that everyone, like me, has this choice.

I know a few people who see things the way you describe--people with better college degrees and money than me! That they're been forced to live "miserable experiences". That view neither gets them closer to wealth or happiness. It just consumes them in bitterness, judgment and jealousy.

Which brings us back to my main point. You need money to live, obviously, but you don't need it to be happy and the pursuit of money for happiness doesn't work for all people. Actually, I don't believe it works for anyone.

I don't know your situation but I will make my own conjectures. #1. Many wealthy people can only DREAM of having 72,000 people who are interested in what they have to say. In our world, YOU are the rich keeping everyone (other writers) down. You got onto Medium at the right time. You quote from others without attribution so you can make money and they don't (please, I'm just having fun here! I make all my stories free.)

#2. You could write PR for any large firm and buy a suburban house. It's not that you choose to live in a shabby apartment. But that comes with writing whatever you want. To bring up a family, I couldn't do what you do. It's just the way things are.

Your success makes me happy. Why question it? I ask why you do that to wealthy people? I don't believe one should learn to love to be poor.

I don't have the answers. But I do enjoy reading books on economics. I can get them for free at the library. I don't need to live in a big house to enjoy them. Ooops. There I go again, saying you should learn to love your cramped apartment ;)

I hope you reach 1,000,000 followers!