Improve Your Video Presence

Side lights $30 each on Amazon (not video lights, though top one is)

Instead of trying to look good, focus on removing distractions

With an external mic you can remove room noise, electronic hiss, other people coughing through your computer speakers. With more light on your face, you can change the viewers focus from the kitty litter box in the background — to you.

Trying to look perfect is a near impossible and expensive task. You’d be surprised how pleased you’ll end up looking, taking the a simple approach of removing noise and emerging from the darkness.

Here is the most bang for the buck in distraction-removing microphones and lights. Let’s have some fun!

Go out and buy either this:

Or this,

Or even better, both. You’ll probably use the desktop condenser for home. You’ll want the lav mic when you go out.

Plug one of them into your USB port. Select it as the mic during your Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc., video calls and send me a postcard from Hollywood!

Is your career worth the investment of $20, or $30?

Next, you don’t want to wear headphones. Unless you’re color-commentating basketball games.

So get these.

They’re easy to get snug around your ears and they’re see-through. They aren’t obvious and the wire is stiff enough to hide behind your head and back.

We’re at $18 for USB lav + $14 for headphones = $32. Let’s round to $40 with an extension for the headphones that will give you more freedom of movement.

I’m not putting links to this stuff because you can buy it anywhere. Also, you don’t have to buy THIS specific stuff. Just stuff like it.

Don’t want wired headphones. Have bluetooth How about this?

Although it’s only for one ear I find them dead-simple to use and they’re inconspicuous.

We haven’t even broke $70 with all this clutter!

Time for the main soft light.

For under $200 you can look like less of a loser!

For the side lights, any table lamps will do. However, the more white glow the better. Think SOFT light.

If you want a long explanation, I published a video on this stuff, my YouTube Video here. Or leave me a comment and I’ll answer your question, there or here.

Here is my current equipment Business Essentials Video List on Amazon.




I try to write stories with an alternate view, seldom discussed in the general media.

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Max Rottersman

Max Rottersman

I try to write stories with an alternate view, seldom discussed in the general media.

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