Iran Wins in Plain Sight

The less you have, the smarter you fight

Max Can't Help It!
7 min readApr 14, 2024

For two weeks I’ve been laboring over another AI story. I need to put that aside to write about Iran’s complete failure to damage Israel with its drone strike — the number of drones began at 50. If the New York Times says it’s 300+ then who am I to question their sterling record for checking what the State Department tells them!

How pathetic! How can Iranians be that delusional? How can they believe their response hurts Israel?

Israel, the U.S. and especially the U.K. (RAF) bragged about shooting down drones. 99% of which never reached their target.

What makes me laugh so hard is I believe that many Americans believe the West actually won something last night! What I see is Iran, a nimble cat, toying with an overweight, half diabetic-blind eagle.

(Iran could destroy Tel Aviv with ballistic missiles. If it really wanted to. The only problem would be Israel’s nuclear response. Lose-lose.)

Strange that Iran’s attack on Saudi Oil infrastructure in 2019 was pin-point 100% effective but I guess those Iranian drone-jockeys had the day off.