Israel AI Says Wiping Out Hamas 99.9% Certain To Work

Israeli Kids Look Forward to Using World-of-Warcraft Video Game Moves In Gaza

Max Can't Help It!


Most intelligent people plan for the worst but hope for the best. Yet most Israelis are of one mind. Wiping out Hamas, no matter the cost, will lead to the best possible future! What pill did they take for such omniscience? They certainly didn’t worry about Hamas before 10/7. Yet away they go!

Israelis under-estimate the consequences of their actions in the past decade and how it has weakened Israel to the point that even a small crisis can lead to cascading failures.

Which will end in civil war.

[If you’re tired of my bloviating, spend 20 minutes watching this speech in 2015. It’s as if he traveled in time to 10/7, wrote a speech, and traveled back. Gideon Levy: Does unconditional support for Israel endanger Israeli voices? Transcript here:]

Despite all the hand-wringing, antisemitism is not an existential threat. Nor does one surprise attack make Hamas an existential threat.

Winning arguments on YouTube, about the righteous historical intentions of Israel won’t stop more Palestinians from picking up guns.

Israelis don’t ask: How many Israelis will die trying to get at Hamas in the tunnels? How many will die trading fire with Hezbollah? How many will die — no sleep for you, even in Tel Aviv — policing angry Palestinians in every part of Israel? How many will suffer or die of post-war suicide in the years ahead? How many will leave Israel to avoid all the above?

The biggest propaganda lie — Jews need Israel to prosper.

Israel isn’t large, rich…fat, dumb and happy like the United States. Able to absorb the hidden — but very real — costs of war.

Israel is weak internally. As Joshua Bender commented, “Israel squandered times of less hostility to reverse the austere conditions of apartheid, which is unsustainable anyway.”

A new generation of Palestinians have been so thoroughly alienated by Israelis that there is will be no benefit of the doubt. Israelis can do nothing that will mollify them, should they need to ratchet down internal conflict to focus on a…