Israel is More F*ckd Than You Know

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Israel isn’t difficult to understand if you ask some simple questions. As it stands, Israel is on a path to a theocracy which is an unintended consequence of traditional and secular Jews believing they could ultimately control their tribal cousins.

Similar dynamics in geopolitics are in play in many parts of the Europe. Israel just makes it easier to notice, but harder to talk about openly in a world where secular people still believe they can sweep these problems under a rug. (The U.S. also had this problem, but between the formerly middle-class and the economic elites).

Okay. Don’t burst a blood vessel, but an argument could be made that both the Haredi and Hamas need to be wiped out to maintain a democratic Israel.

In a winner take all, if the 1.3 million Haredi (ultra-orthodox Jews) battled Hamas and the surrounding 2 million Arabs in Gaza who would win?

Answer, the Haredi Jews seldom take part in Israel’s Defense Forces so Hamas would win.

If the 3.5 million secular Jews of Israel battled Gaza who would win? (Let’s assume Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in the West Bank sit it out).

Answer, the secular Jews would ultimately win but the number of casualties on both sides would be greater than the recent growth in ultra-orthodox and Zionist populations in Israel. In other words, secular Jews would leave Israel with a greater population of hard-right Jews, whether you count them as Orthodox or Zionist.

Demographics is destiny, after all.

You want to know why Israel didn’t go hard-charging in Gaza immediately. I bet that problem is lurking in everyone’s mind in the IDF.

The problem of secular Jews losing control of Israel is easily visible in Israel’s inability to form a stable government in the past few years.

If all Jews in Israel moved to a new territory in Africa (an idea floated in early Zionist days), would they be better off than if they stay where they are? That’s just one of those academic questions to allow your blood pressure to return to normal.

When a secular Israeli dies battling Hamas in Gaza, should Haredi Jews read one…