Israel, Why Not Accountable To Itself?

Decade after decade, Israel blames its problems on Palestinians and belligerent Arabs.

Max Can't Help It!


In the next year I expect Israel to effectively wipe out Hamas. What I question is the cost. What it gains in internal security it might lose in global security as other nations distance themselves from an untrusty ally; that is, reduce trade deals and military support.

Israel will begin to decline where it least expects it. Not from rockets fired from Lebanon, but from a world that concludes Israel is part of the global inequality problem, not the solution. A world that begins to ignore Israel as it has South America.

For what it’s worth. I believe Israel should have tried to obtain global cooperation before starting a military operation in Gaza. Even if such an effort failed, it would have allowed other nations to prepare their populations for Israel’s decision to take military action. For more, read Dauphin’s Netanyahu’s Folly.

What Israel doesn’t understand is that YES, the U.S. and other European nations did the same with Afghanistan and Iraq. But NO, not everyone in those countries agreed with those military efforts. Many Westerners don’t like to be seen as bullies. YES, Israel wins the argument that Westerners are hypocrites, but it loses them as friends in the process.

Embarrass your patron super-power at your own risk.

There are other (selfish) reasons that Israel should have waited:

  • Prevent young Israelis from getting killed and traumatized by war.
  • Remain focused on saving the economy from the global recession.
  • Let the West Bank settle down.
  • Pause the increased radicalization of Palestinian supporters everywhere.
  • Conclude Netanyahu’s corruption case and Supreme Court issues.

Accountability Questions:

Or, why does everyone recognize the following, but Israel?

Israel sealed off Gaza, decades ago, and controls everything that enters and leaves it (leaving aside some Egyptian control).