Israelis Who Lie: I’m Going In!

Um, I mean, in Gaza and Lebanon, YOUR KID Is Going In!

Max Can't Help It!


Danger in my neighborhood! Terrorists? Jihadists? Another Boston Bomber?!?!

A few days ago, I took the photo above, walking Benji on Garden Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Harvard, a half mile down the road.

Fenno Street was cordoned off, but the police standing around weren’t concerned. They laughed; kidded around with each other. Later, a SWAT truck arrived and more police. And after the sun set, someone got on a megaphone and said, “Come out, all we want to do is talk. You won’t be harmed.”

The situation lasted around 24 hours.

I don’t know what the Police Department meant by “take him into custody without incident.” I don’t believe they ever entered the house.


Because no one ordered anyone to.

There is no “tactical” gear that will prevent someone hiding in a room from killing a policeman or soldier — with gun or explosive — should they enter. No one in their right mind would enter a place where someone has the means to kill them.

This is understood by EVERYONE who might ever be asked to do it in real life (not a video game).

The ONLY reason anyone enters such enclosed spaces is when they’re ordered to! Or they’re acting out a scene in a make-believe movie or TV show.

Fortunately, the Cambridge Police didn’t need to order anyone into the house because the City of Cambridge could afford to keep policemen camped outside indefinitely.

For Israel to capture or kill Hamas fighters in Gaza it MUST order soldiers to enter enclosed spaces or operate in open spaces surrounded by enclosed spaces — from which Hamas fighters can hide — making those open spaces enclosed spaces too.

Many Israelis have commented on my pieces that I don’t get the necessity hunting down and killing every Hamas fighter. When I point out that the probability that those who obey those orders will get maimed or killed, they never…