Israelis Who Lie: I’m Going In!

Um, I mean, in Gaza and Lebanon, YOUR KID Is Going In!

Max Can't Help It!


Danger in my neighborhood! Terrorists? Jihadists? Another Boston Bomber?!?!

A few days ago, I took the photo above, walking Benji on Garden Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Harvard, a half mile down the road.

Fenno Street was cordoned off, but the police standing around weren’t concerned. They laughed; kidded around with each other. Later, a SWAT truck arrived and more police. And after the sun set, someone got on a megaphone and said, “Come out, all we want to do is talk. You won’t be harmed.”

The situation lasted around 24 hours.

I don’t know what the Police Department meant by “take him into custody without incident.” I don’t believe they ever entered the house.


Because no one ordered anyone to.

There is no “tactical” gear that will prevent someone hiding in a room from killing a policeman or soldier — with gun or explosive — should they enter. No one in their right mind would enter a place where someone has the means to kill them.