Israel’s Collective Guilt

Israel isn’t trying to kill Palestinians in Gaza, rather…

Max Can't Help It!


Is Israel murdering Palestinians — seemingly wholesale — to wipe out its collective guilt? Year after year, Israelis have ignored an ever more permanent concentration camp — Gaza. But let me be clear — greater Israel never meant to create a concentration camp. Just like the Germans never meant to build extermination camps in Poland years after building concentration camps in Germany.

Like the German SA and SS in Dauphin’s story, running Gaza was left to radical parts of Israeli’s government. Good Israelis, so to speak, didn’t want to know. Just like I don’t want to know how people fleeing the South are treated at the United States’ border (so no judgement here).

I am not making excuses for Israel or Palestinians. I am only pointing out that we’re all bad at preventing problems from getting out of hand.

Anyway, I can’t recommend enough, Marc Dauphin’s Medium story Concentration vs Extermination Camps During Nazi Germany.

His story has helped me bring into focus what surprises me most about Israelis — their denial that young people in Gaza and the West Bank have grown up feeling, if nothing else, that they live in concentration camps. (These are my own thoughts, NOT Dauphin’s!)

Like the Germans, most Israelis do not visit Gaza (if I’m wrong about this, please let me know). I don’t believe they visit Palestinian sections of the West Bank either (it not being safe for them to do so).

Therefore, when an Israeli claims that Palestinians (Arab citizens of Israel) live much better in Israel, compared to other Arab countries, they truly believe it. Then they argue that Israel sends in plenty of building materials into Gaza but it’s used for terrorist purposes — what percentage they don’t say.

Israeli myopia echoes the German’s belief that concentration camps were not that bad.

When Palestinians get killed it’s easy for Israelis to believe they were terrorists. Or would be a terrorists if given the chance.

I’ve never heard an Israeli Jew say life is good in either Palestinian area because they spent a lot of time there. Instead, Israelis often encapsulate the…