Israel’s U.N. Ambassador For Jews Who Hate Arabs

Gilad Erdan knows how to make enemies in the Middle East.

Max Can't Help It!
8 min readNov 30, 2023
Dig up 75-year-old history. Why?

Okay, you win, I am an antisemite. I can’t find anything nice to say about Israel lately — specifically, its government. (I won’t bother saying I’ve spent most of my life in awe of Israel’s success).

The only strategy I can see in Erdan’s comments is to piss off the Arabs, to the point they might attack Israel. That would bring the U.S. into Netanyahu’s on-going wet-dream of going to war with Iran. If you have a better theory, about what Erdan hoped to accomplish here, please leave it in the comments.

I’ll say it again. If Israelis don’t reign in their government of Zionists and military hawks, World War III will be fought yards from their homes. Hamas’s 10/7 attack may go down in history as a footnote! I don’t wish that on anyone. But hey Israel, if you insist on blaming everyone but yourself.

There’s nothing ambassador-like in this speech. It’s pure blame-game. Israeli all-about-me. The U.N. is an organization for nations to work together, to solve problems. One of the problems is Palestinian children dying from bombs. Erdan won’t recognize a single other issue but the importance of killing Hamas soldiers at all costs.