Jewish Terrorists In Palestine

They Even Wanted Hitler’s Support — I kid you not.

Max Can't Help It!


It was hardly a secret to the Times readers in the 1940s that some Jews entered Palestine as terrorists.

On December 5th, 2023 I read most of the stories about Israel in the New York Times between 1947 and 1949. I wanted to discover for myself what Americans understood at the time.

Why didn’t a Jewish owned newspaper hide that fact that Jewish terrorists were killing British soldiers or Arabs who wouldn’t allow more Jews to immigrate to Israel? Because Arabs were easily stereotyped as a backwards people.

The Zionists were European Jews and they were just as racist as most Americans. An Arab to a European Jew is as a black man to an American. Racism wasn’t stigmatized then, as it is today.

Don’t assume anything has changed. Decades later, Netanyahu was able to go around Obama and speak directly to Congress. Do you really believe that would have flown if Obama was white?

It was easy for European Jews to foster American racism against Arabs. Virtually no Americans at the time were of Middle Eastern heritage, as you can see in the statistics below.

That is, there were no Arabs living in Europe or the United States to say, “Now hold on a second!”

The Zionists never intended to share Israel with the Arabs living in Palestine. Same today. We’re in year 75 of a war waged by Israeli Zionists trying to take complete control of Israel.

Today, anyone who points out Zionist expansion — something everyone understood in the 1940s — is labeled an antisemite. You live long enough!

Before I continue, Jewish terrorists in the 1940s do not absolve Hamas of anything, PERIOD. !

Though European guilt over the Holocaust (if not the more pressing desire to reduce the number of Jewish refugees living there), Zionist groups flooded Palestine with WWII displaced Jews (and and other young people of Jewish heritage they could talk into it). The U.S., understanding their agenda, implemented an arms embargo. Nonetheless, the Zionists were able to amass enough weapons and ex-military Jewish men, to take over most of Palestine.