Medium Too

A YouTube Channel for Medium Writer Interviews in the areas of Climate Change, Economics, Geopolitics and Social Commentary.

Max Can't Help It!
2 min readNov 25, 2023

First, The YouTube Channel Medium Too is a personal endeavor NOT affiliated with

I started populating the channel with short videos about writers I follow. Today, I posted the first interview video (with Brian Kean) which I consider the official launch. (The previous videos were fillers which I don’t recommend watching).

Unfortunately, I ran into some technical problems with the first interview — yet the show must go on!

At this writing, Philip Mann-Montreal, Richard Crim, Tessa Schlesinger, and The Gift of Fire have agreed to do an interview in the future.

Here is the show-formula doc I send to prospective guests.

Once the technical issues are sorted I hope to re-interview Brian. He published a story on January 16th, 2022, Putin Does Not Want War, But We Really Seem to Want to Give it To Him which, with his other stories, provides insights I’ve gained nowhere else.

There are many writers I’d love to interview, or record discussions between them on topics that don’t fit into Medium stories. Another name I could have called the channel is “Meta Medium”. Unfortunately, the word “meta” has been ruined.

I have no idea what the future holds for this endeavor. My prime motivation is a curiosity in how other writers — who also cover serious subjects — deal with the emotional stress of thinking about war (the horrible things that happen to those involved), or the relentless dullness of the mainstream media on Climate Change.

Like many writers on Medium, organizing social events isn’t one of my strengths. However, someone should do it. I make a living programming things with blinking lights so until someone better comes along… if you want something done

Lastly, I believe these writers should have a larger audience. Any day that a YouTube viewer discovers one of these Medium writers will be a good day for me!