Moscow or Russia In Perspective

Sorry, Russia is no threat to the United States — the new Roman Empire

I’ve pointed this out and some of my Russian readers, even the most virulent Putin haters, have taken exception. I don’t blame them. I’m lucky I’m an American and can point this out as a .

Whatever happens to Russia, the chip on its shoulder isn’t going anywhere.

The strength of a military is based on the economic strength of the nation behind it. Sure, a few battles can be won here or there on smarts or depravity. Like anything, in the end, the greater weight squashes the smaller. Despite some of my fellow doom-and-gloomers’ assessments, we’re not in end-Rome times, which took centuries to reach.

Moscow is an impressive city if we look at it like this:

Here is a map of the Kremlin with a 5-mile circle drawn around it. Some perspective. Except for those new skyscrapers, most of Moscow remains old.

Kremlin to Moscow skyscrapers (top left)

To keep it simple, I’m looking at Russia’s largest city compared to the United States’. Instead of the Federal government buildings in D.C., I’ve used NY City Hall as our focal point.

We could place all of Moscow’s skyscrapers in New Jersey and no one would notice.

The scale of New York City, compared to Moscow, is awe-inspiring. There are skyscrapers for as far as the eye can see in every direction.

If you could teleport instantly between Moscow and New York City you would probably laugh at the difference.

The media loves to play up Russia’s nuclear arsenal and number of tanks (which belong in a museum).

There are some smart people I know who have begun to defend Russia. They don’t live in the West. They have problems (local currencies going to hell). When I look at how weak Russia (and every other country) is compared to the United States (+ allies) I try to be a bit sympathetic.

It’s not about the skyscrapers, which are actually poor investments — it’s the wealth behind them.

Ah, the line, “with great power comes great responsibility”. A war is raging between two very poor countries. I’ll leave it there.



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