mRNA Vaccines Worked!

Max Can't Help It!
6 min readFeb 12, 2024

Time to Put Anti-Vaxxers In Their Place

NOTE: Before you unfollow me, ask yourself a hard question. Are you annoyed with me because you have hard evidence that the mRNA vaccines worked as expected? Or are you acting out of emotional stress that you might have been manipulated? This are painful questions, for me too.

Whenever I hear, or read, someone saying the mRNA vaccines didn’t work, or they killed young people, I just want to scream. We all know they work. We did the right thing closing down most of our economy. That’s how well they worked. Now, everything is good. Look at that stock market go! Years of happiness await us.

Vaccines usually take years, sometimes decades to test and tweak. The mRNA Covid vaccines were SO GOOD they only needed a few months. I’m hoping that now, we can do away with all the wasted years of testing and paperwork (which just make people sicker for longer).

Why do people stir up trouble? U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently had to remind everyone that the mRNA technology is “unequivocally safe” — as if safety is a question in the first place.

Do you really believe $32 billion would flood the pharma industry and the very politicians, who, okay, bought some biotech stocks on the side, would do it if the vaccines didn’t work? Or weren’t safe?