Netanyahu Goes Full Putin

What military value is there in bombing civilian populations?

Max Can't Help It!


No child asked for this.

Most of my Jewish friends are filled with rage against Hamas, the world, everyone but themselves. Jews of previous generations, who believed it was best to be God loving and fearful, to keep a low profile, to question everything — they’ve died off. I’m not saying today’s Jews are bad. I’m just saying their Harvard degrees don’t preclude them from ignorance. Most of them don’t read the Torah, history (and I mean general history, not that of the Jewish people). Self righteousness doesn’t begin to describe many of their kind. As David Chappelle said, there are two words you don’t say in Hollywood, “The” and “Jews”.

Chappelle understands “The Jews.” His monologue on SNL is on par with any good Rabbi’s analysis of the Jewish condition. Essentially, Chappelle jokes, as a black man, “Hey Jews, there’s a long line of races and people being persecuted, stop jumping the line and making out you’re the only one.”

My father was Jewish. Hundreds of “Rottersmans” died in Poland during the Holocaust. So I feel I have the right to say…they didn’t die for me. And that separates me, and others, from so many other Jews who believe they’re a chosen people who must fight off evil to fulfil their…what (I don’t know)? That they’re owed something. God is up there. We are down here.

My Mother is Scottish-Irish. She converted for the sake of my father’s family. But I’m sure many Jewish people reading this will immediate write me off as a non-Jew.

Anyway, I thank God I have these two voices in my head. I really do. The Jewish voice is rationalizing, explaining everything! Oh the intellectual somersaults. My other side says little, almost nothing. Occasionally it reaches its limit and says, “You are so full of shit, Max”.

The history of the Scottish and Irish is no fairy tale. That’s not important, right?

I have never witnessed a Jew being discriminated against in my lifetime. If anything, they have been pre-judged smarter than the average Joe. Have had advantages. (Yes, I understand the history of the Jewish people. But my experience is my experience).