No One Is Going Home Again

Max Can't Help It!
2 min readJul 19, 2022
Mark Wylie

For the past 20 days I’ve been trying to finish a new Medium story. There’s so much I want to say; I have nothing worth saying.

Has Covid finally thrown humanity’s DO NOT TOUCH reset switch?

China will no longer manufacture or assemble ever-cheaper goods for Western consumption. They can no longer motivate themselves with the prospect of getting rich and we can’t save money for more stuff.

We’re so basic.

I’ve pointed out that the China/U.S. relationship has been disintegrating since 2015. It’s in free fall. There are runs on Chinese banks. People aren’t paying mortgages. Governments are locking people in their buildings to prevent Covid from spreading. It seems the Chinese government has no other idea, about what to do — about anything.

As for the U.S., we’re finally achieved total soulless-ness. If you can’t buy it, it has no value. What’s the next big invention? I see none. Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft — no improvements — their crap is falling apart. Which you can notice after you ‘x’ out of their latest intrusive pop-up marketing crap.

Then there’s the great wealth in-equalizers — high-rise condos, Teslas and billionaire rockets.

The rest of us, we’re so basic.

Europe can’t absorb more immigration and can’t reverse it either. Even the Queen of England can’t decide if she should stay or go. That said, they have it good.

For as long as I can remember there have been public figures who took a hard stand against materialism. The Dali Lama, Jimmy Carter, George Carlin, Paul Newman, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and so on.

Today all we have are influencers — well, it’s all in that name isn’t it?

This new generation has made an end-run around consumerism with the MeToo, BLM and LGBTQ movements. All criticism met with intolerance. The press no longer arbitrates, it inflames.

Again, we’re so basic. Anna Delvey, our canary in the coalmine.

If young people attack materialism it is what kind of materialism — do you buy organic, meat, EV s— blah!

Okay, onto day 21.