Pick Your Market-Crashing Butterfly!

Every time the stock market looks like it’s going to crash I get excited! This is a boomer affliction. I remember when, standing in front of a newstand, the New York Post blared its 1987 headline of a stock market crash. I literally laughed out loud. How could anyone get worked up by the stupid stock market? AH to be 26 again!

I never would have believed, back then, that I would get into this nonsense. And away we go!…

  • Gas lines in the UK because brits won’t pay Brexit-pissed Euro drivers enough to sit in the custom lines Brexit created. OR give them extended visas since Live-Somewhere-Else Britannia pulled the welcome mat. What fun watching those old commies giving conservative pasty-faced Brits a nice taste of free-market PAY THE FCK UP.
  • Energy blackouts in China because the CCP subsidizes energy and the energy companies won’t sell at a loss because even in China 2 yuan minus 3 yuan doesn’t make payroll. The CCP tried to put uppity Australia in its place by halting the buying of coal (By all accounts, the CCP picked on the wrong small (in population) country of drunk pub dudes).
  • In general, energy prices keep rising and all the talk of “transitory” is, well, transitory.
  • Floods in China, Europe, and the U.S… Fires in the U.S., Greece, Siberia… Okay, just fill in everywhere. They’ll be back, again and again and again…
  • Evergrande and the millions of Chinese buyers, workers, investors, etc left Ever-penniless. Like ever-forever. Did I mention millions? Hundreds of other Chinese developers aren’t far behind.
  • Junk and treasury debt near the same price.
  • Foreign companies continue to leave China while China doth protest too much that that ain’t happening. The party is over in global expansion! Fewer Chinese can move to the West and no one is moving to China.
  • No more Federal unemployment benefits for 6 -8 million Americans. They ain’t spending and there are no jobs better than welfare. Makes no sense to take a job now. Why, when you know you won’t be able to afford the gas to get to it in a few months.
  • Texas anti-abortion laws. Talk about an economic chiller. Texas lawmakers would rather make trouble there, then deal with their $200 billion in unfunded pension and health liabilities.
  • Why will any other half-finished condo/apartment building IN THE WORLD end up making money when Evergrande couldn’t? Oh, but it’s only in China. Yeah, we’ll see! They all look like the same sterile towers to me — from Shanghai to Toronto.
  • Crap-tech economy. There’s no real economic benefit to putting a few people in space every few weeks. Back on Earth: Apple, Google, Facebook? Who isn’t tired of them?
  • Suckbergs are sucking Amazon workers dry through higher rents. Where be da wage growth!!!
  • Gold is sinking with the stock market which makes no sense.
  • Violence is picking up everywhere. Enuf said.
  • What is at rest stays at rest. This keeps proving out. Broken and angry people stuck indoors. At what point do they become the butterflies shooting AK-47s in public places?

Again, these doom and gloomers are entertainment! Go on, eat that danish! It should taste better today!

I’ve been super busy with work. Trying to keep to my publishing rate of a story every 3 days. Apologies.