Lately, everyone seems to be talking about Germany’s refusal to approve Leopard Tanks for use in Ukraine. What is Germany’s problem!? Women and children are dying! I’m going to pretend I’m a German and explain it…’F you Joe Biden, you’re part of the reason we’re here. And Poland? You guys STILL want reparations for WWII AND for us to re-open WWII against the Russians!!

When Hunter Biden collected millions working for an “Ukrainian” oil company the Vice President should have made it CRYSTAL clear to Burisma that not only wouldn’t they get access to the U.S. government through Hunter, they would get treated with prejudice.

What angers the Germans, I believe, is that Joe Biden rationalizes his corruption away — corruption that is part of the reason Putin has a visceral hatred of U.S. meddling in Ukraine. (Let me be clear, I’m not rationalizing Putin’s actions. I’m only explaining why Germany doesn’t feel it should fight with Russia over a war Joe Biden and his grubby backers helped start).

Germany probably says (I’ll say it): You want to help Ukraine? Send F-16 fighters, attack helicopters and ATACMS (lots of them). Start setting up bases to service M1 Abrams Tanks (BTW, why have you waited so long?). Better yet, if you were okay letting your son Biden to help Ukraine, why not American soldiers?

Sure, I was amused when Trump publicly called out Germany for not paying its full share in military expenses for NATO. Yes, I enjoy it when Trump wanted to close down U.S. bases in Germany. However, Trump repeating what was said to him, behind closed doors by Pentagon strategists, doesn’t change the fact that he’s a walking moron.

Every German lives with U.S. hypocrisy. Germany wasn’t the only one killing Jews during World War II (or before). It’s not like the United States was totally in the dark about what was going on. Sure, G.I. Joes on the ground were shocked, but not U.S. intelligence.

And since then, Germany has worked to be a model world citizen — real effort. It takes in refugees — more than anyone else. Immigrants don’t try to get into Germany just because Germany has favorable laws. Germans also walk the talk. Sure, there are racists and far-right knuckleheads in Germany, but by in large Germany has tried to right every wrong — and then some.

And Britain? Saying F-you through Brexit?

(And still, people mutter “Nazi” under their breath when talking about Germans.)

Where are the immigrants moving to Japan? Nowhere. Where are immigrants moving to China. Nowhere. Where are the immigrants moving to the United States?

These days, nowhere.

A complicated subject, but I believe most understand that Americans benefit from their currency, the U.S. dollar, being the de-facto reserve currency of the world. And those who think deeply on the subject understand that $1 trillion spent on weapons comes from everyone who stores their wealth in them, a kind of tax that gives everyone freedom to do commerce around the globe without piracy or war. When I say everyone I mean everyone — from housekeepers in South America, to the Chinese, Japanese — well, all of Asia and the Middle East!

The deal was, you buy American dollars and Americans will protect your ability to make money without your neighbor shelling everything it can and emptying its prisons into your neighborhoods.

War is here. Who really knows why? I believe Putin and his regime have become sick-in-the-head but that theory only works for so long. After a year, I have to recognize (we all should) that if there is someone who can stop Putin, but doesn’t, they too are responsible for all the death and destruction.

Only the U.S. can drive Russia out of Ukraine, period.

Yet it’s still Germany’s fault here?

Joe Biden’s whole career can be summed up with one word “complicity”. Indeed, it was Kamala Harris’ argument about his complicity with white supremacists that almost ended his Presidential run.

My whole lifetime I have wondered, like many Americans, why do we need such a large military? The reason, we told ourselves, is that (after recognizing what happened in WWII) the United States needs to protect freedom around the world. Not because it wants to, but because it agreed to.

Our job is to stop the Nazis from coming back. Germany’s job is to become the gold standard in democratically lead governments. Germany did its job. Why haven’t we done ours?

The generation of Americans who believe in honoring that deal are dead. Trump appealed to those who wanted to go back to isolationism. History? Screw history.

Why does Germany have to keep its end of the bargain when we aren’t keeping ours?

So excuse Germany if it isn’t in the mood to take on the burden of Russia’s Nazis which everyone, again — the world over — has paid the United States to prevent, by force if necessary.

Yeah, so if I’m a German I’ve had pretty much all I can take.



I try to write stories that go where the general media doesn’t.

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