Society’s 7 Deadly Sins — What’s Yours?

Doesn’t the pandemic make you think of all that’s gone wrong? I was thinking about skyscraper residential buildings. Do people really want to live in a sterile white room, high above a city, with an elevator the only means of escape? How won’t they end up dilapidated and bankrupt? Oops, I’m drifting into stuff I’m usually wrong about…

Then my thoughts drifted to cruise ships. I’ve never seen their attraction either. I wouldn’t have predicted they’d end up a multi-billion dollar industry.

Maybe someone can make a board game out of this. What is society’s 7 deadly sins to you?


At 59, my pathetic guess at what young people lust for. My lust is gone.


I’m never as funny as I think I am. Fortunately, I found this.


It must be somewhere.


These are chairs for computer gaming and such. To be fair to gamers, they don’t hold a candle to them politicians.


That’ll fix things!


Ironically, this is an artist’s rendition of the size of the skyscraper needed to house all the homeless in Toronto.


Or should this be envy? These sins are difficult to keep straight!

My final sin is believing I could do a cool-kid Medium story.

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