Taiwa And Her Ex-Boyfriend Mr. Chin

Many years ago, Taiwa, a beautiful Asian girl of Chinese descent, had a relationship with Mr. Chin. The relationship broke off. Mr. Chin was very controlling and believed pretty smart attractive girls like Taiwa didn’t know what was good for them.

Taiwa, in fear of her life from the increasingly paranoid Mr. Chin, moved to an island where she began to develop friendships with a foreigner by the name of Sam. Mr. Chin already had a relationship with Sam. Indeed, Mr. Chin went onto become wealthy and powerful by selling goods cheaply to him.

No matter how wealthy and powerful Mr. Chin became, he was still insecure. He never forgot the humiliations his father endured from foreigners like Sam. On the other hand, Mr. Chin did some favors for Sam on the understanding that Sam would never get in the way of Mr. Chin getting back together with Taiwa.

Anyway, both Taiwa and Sam tried to appease Mr. Chin best they could. They both hoped Mr. Chin would one day put the past behind him and treat Taiwa as an equal and Sam as a friend.

Looking back on it, one has to wonder why they believed that would happen.

Specifically, Taiwa let Mr. Chin believe she would one day become his girlfriend again. Sam wouldn’t argue with Mr. Chin when Mr. Chin said Sam could never be a good friend to Taiwa or have an equal relationship with the Chinese people.

All went well as Mr. Chin amassed greater wealth and prestige the world over. Then things started to go badly. Mr. Chin’s businesses began to decline. Worse than people understood.

Young people didn’t want to work for his companies, preferring to lie around and think deep thoughts. Older people didn’t have the energy to work long hours in the factories. Also, some became very rich, and moved near to Sam which irked Mr. Chin.

Sam became resentful that Mr. Chin wanted to sell him goods but didn’t want to buy back the technical services which Sam had to offer. There was talk of stealing. Naturally, Mr. Chin and Sam’s relationship began to deteriorate to the point that they seldom talked anymore.

Mr. Chin’s young people didn’t want to make goods for Sam’s young people who had less and less money to buy them. A lot of resentment was brewing, from top to bottom, east to west.

At an anniversary party of Mr. Chin’s, he said he would reunify with Taiwa. But if she didn’t want to, he would seek other means. Sam stood up for Taiwa. Mr. Chin again said it was none of Sam’s business and anyway, Sam had always been complicit in Mr. Chin’s declaration of ownership over Taiwa. Mr. Chin, in short, became enraged at what he called Sam’s “meddling”.

Of course, Mr. Chin couldn’t say publicly that he had done favors to Sam for Sam’s complicity in keeping Taiwa from true independence. That enraged Mr. Chin even more.

Anyway, Mr. Chin, now very powerful, told Sam he would knock his block off if Sam tried to interfere. Remember, Mr. Chin never trusted Sam.

Sam went to visit Taiwa more often. Mr. Chin sent some of his powerful men to lurk outside Taiwa’s home, sending a very clear message that Sam was too far away to protect Taiwa should Mr. Chin move to take her back by force.

Although Sam had no romantic intentions towards Taiwa, he didn’t like being told what to do. In that, he and Mr. Chin are very similar. Sam began to send his own strong men to watch over Taiwa. This led to Mr. Chin also sending more men.

Sam used to have the most strong men, but Mr. Chin has caught up.

Sam’s men can travel far and have advanced equipment. Mr. Chin’s men don’t need to travel far and can overwhelm Sam’s men should they choose. No one knows what would happen if pushes came to shoves, and shoves come to blows.

Because both Mr. Chin and Sam come from countries with growing and serious social and economic problems, neither feel very forgiving. Both blame the other for their problems. Both are very manipulative, but in different ways.

Taiwa, for her part, is speaking all about human rights and other woke subjects. It’s a little funny because both Mr. Chin and Sam’s hardliners are chest bumping each other and, honestly, thinking little about Taiwa’s best interests, let alone those of their own people.

Who knows what will come next. It doesn’t look good. It never is, in matters of the heart. Even with Nations.



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