Texas “Abortion” Law Civil War Refresh

The conflict over abortion has little to do with pregnancy and a lot to do with social status. Americans differ in what social status means. Crudely speaking, there is a north and south divide.

Status is the simple desire to feel good about yourself and your place among family, friends and workers.

Where does our need for status come from?

Let’s say biology because even dogs will fight over bones and affection.

“Not so fast,” you say. Status is a function of our learned social mores (education).

If you would say that, you probably believe in loose abortion laws.

The anti-abortion crowd says individuals don’t have the right to kill another human.

“Not so fast,” you say again. Fetuses are not human.

If you say fetuses are not humans you’re even more likely to believe that status is a function of changeable social mores.

Whatever separates Trumpers from everyone else, the Texas Law is about to make it a whole lot worse.

Allow me to stereotype.

New Yorkers vs Texans. Thinkers vs Doers. Atheists vs God-fearing.

New Yorkers know what they want to do in the future; not so much today.

Texans know what they want today, not so much in the future.

The New Yorker decides where in the future they’ll have a baby and how to work through their mechanism of social status. Harvard to CEO.

The Texan tries to improve their status minute by minute and deals with whatever happens after if happens. Football field to CEO.

A New Yorker never wants to get into the position where they have to have an abortion today. A Texan never wants to someone to make them think, well about anything.

Because it is the Texan man who lives in the moment, who starts the pregnancy, he is the one that is most bothered by having to think about the future, the consequences. Men don’t like to be questioned. The Texan hates doubt, with a passion. He hates thinking.

He hates to be judged.

When you question Texans, you threaten them. You might as well have a beer with them and call their mother a whore. Is that going too far?

The Texas law is not about preventing women from getting something they don’t want (but will need). The Texas law is about social status. (And what feels better than having the personal power to get someone fined $10,000 who is judging you?)

New Yorkers ridicule all the Texans (white men) in a room deciding laws about women. They forget these same men, generations ago, picked up guns and attacked the North. 750,000 died. As a percentage of today’s population, that’s 7 million!

Almost 9 million have just lost all (unemployment) income. I can’t help but throw that out there. When men lose status in work they generally don’t gravitate towards intellectualism.

Men are killers. No wars have been fought by opposing female armies. This is relevant because when women argue something like “you don’t have a say if you don’t have an uterus” they believe they’re safe behind their pens.

Men control the world because they are prone to use violence to achieve their ends. Some women acknowledge this, as if doing so will make it go away. Will it?

Thoughtful men side with women who believe they should decide if they need an abortion.

When two communities, of both men and women, go to war, the dynamics change. Abortion is as much the real issue as freeing the slaves were in the last shooting civil war.

If New Yorkers just let it be, what happens in Texas, it might go away. Instead, the are egging Texans into a fight.

When I say New Yorkers or Texans I hope you know what I mean.

Do you think Americans from the South looked threatening prior to the first civil war?




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