“The Heroes of Gaza Are Still Resisting!”

“Undoubtedly, The United States Is The One Who Gave The Orders…To The Zionist Regime”

Max Can't Help It!


November 11, 2023

For my title and subtitle I quoted Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi at the summit of Arab and Islamic nations in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh (video).

At least, Iran and Zionists agree on this! Everyone in Gaza is a Hamas fighter.

Far, far back in September of this year it was reported “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.N. General Assembly on Friday that Israel is “at the cusp” of a historic breakthrough leading to a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia.”

Here is MBS, the leader of Saudi Arabia

Whatever new friendship Netanyahu believed is “at the cusp”, between Israel and Saudi Arabia, it must have been a fever dream.

Iran, by the way, has been sending Putin thousands of drones which are used to kill families in residential areas of Ukraine.

It’s plain to see that by entering Gaza, Netanyahu cemented the new friendship between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

How The Arabs and Persians Have Won One Over Israel

Overall, I believe the strategy of the backers of Hamas and other groups isn’t to drive Israeli Jews into the sea. That’s propaganda for the masses. The goal is to weaken Israel economically and socially to the point that it must become a supplicant to the Arab nations of the Middle East.

If that is the strategy, I believe it is on plan.

Netanyahu has always been of this philosophy — if they hit you hard, hit them harder. Always harder! That worked for a while but is the wrong tactic today. Why? Because there’s nothing to hit. None of the nations surrounding Israel will go to war with Israel. Not even Iran.

Contrary to the perceptions of many, it is not because the Arabs are afraid of Israel’s military — though of course, that plays a part. Mostly its because they have long-term plans. New cities. New rail lines. New gas wells and pipelines. Money.