Welcome To Suckberg, U.S.A.

How do you find a suckberg in the making? Google “Amazon Warehouse” then jot down the names of the surrounding towns.

A “suckberg” is an already struggling suburb that only survives by becoming a work-camp for online warehouse.

In the future, most people will live in either city, suburb or suckberg.

Nationally, Amazon plans to build 117 new fulfillment centers. There are already 246. This is where things are headed.

Zillow can help you identify suckbergs. Look for rents below $2,000. At $15/hr, most Amazon workers will need to double-up — then double-up again to afford housing.

Amazon won’t pay enough to create new family wealth in these local communities.

I live in Massachusetts. Here’s an Amazon warehouse in North Andover.

Lowell does not want to become a suckberg so they protest outside Amazon site

We want to believe all the good people are moving to shiny new skyscrapers in the major cities. Most people do not end up with high-paying jobs in the city.

If the government doesn’t step in to protect these workers, the term suckberg, or something similar, will enter our lexicon.