Ukraine No Cavalry Will Come

The United Stated Military Was Bankrupted Long Ago

Max Can't Help It!
4 min readJan 22, 2024
It’s Almost 2 Years. Where’s the Beef, Biden?

What happened to those Ukraine Contact Group meetings at the Ramstein Air Base where the West war-roomed the easy win against Russia aggression? Since April, 2022, more vacation days have been added than work days.

Better to get NATO out there for another school-yard Capture the Flag outing with 90,000 soldiers. Watch the German pretend to understand the Scott on walkie-talkies while respecting those cordoned off areas where smoke grenades go off for the visiting dignitaries disembarking their personal Citations.

I wonder what Taiwan, Japan and South Korea think — but I digress.

Without Congressional funding, The Biden Administration was hamstrung from the beginning. I doubt there’s a single Ukrainian who doesn’t understand this by now.

Before I go on. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am not picking on Biden because of his political party. Back to story…

No one smiles and lies straight to your face like Joe Biden. The lie being he could get Congress unified in its support for Ukraine.

Remember, Obama picked Biden because no one does country club politics like Joe. No one does it better, negotiate pork-barrel politics and ignore government slippage.

I doubt there’s a single Republican who doesn’t enjoy having a drink with him.

What a ham! One day Zelensky and Biden will form a comedy team and play to sold-out audiences, but maybe not in Ukraine.

Behind the scenes, a combination of military tech-labor shortages, overly complicated weapon systems and a political inability to deal with rising costs continues to severely weaken U.S. military power projection.

What I’m saying is the U.S. doesn’t have enough technicians to maintain the large number of F-16s (and other aircraft) Ukraine needs to fend off Russia — whoever supplies them.

The U.S. can’t trouble-shoot all the error-codes coming on with its F-35s, let alone help someone fight a war.

Biden doesn’t lie about that. He simply doesn’t understand. The last time Joe touched a computer it was running Microsoft Bob. In politics, genuine ignorance can be a super power.

And your typical American? They care only about the value of their homes and 401ks.

Assembled around Biden is the greatest collection of diplomatic and strategic dim bulbs America has ever produced.

They haven’t outsmarted anyone. I’m was no fan of the Trump Administration (to put it nicely), but at least they work together, after a fashion, because they decided they were stronger and on the side of our almighty Christ. They would have proudly sent “advisors” into Ukraine and a dropped a few bombs in Iran — you pick the spot, they’d laugh, patched in to Tom Cruise in his F-69 whatever.

Maybe one day they will.

Putin didn’t look at Trump as a supporter. Trump supports no one. And Putin wasn’t afraid of Trump. He was afraid of the nutjobs around him — and rightfully so.

The Biden Administration is the definition of a pussy-foot military and effeminate diplomacy. Putin had barely set foot in Ukraine and Biden blurted out, “You Win!”

Did you forget that?

If the West won’t, or can’t, supply advanced technology, especially air-power, what are Ukraine’s options if it wants to have a strong hand in cease-fire negotiations? I’m not even talking about winning!

Even if the Russians die in their trenches, and all their aircraft blown from the sky, there are hundreds of thousands of mines and 0 maps.

There’s a long way to go before we can talk about winning again.

As much as I despite Netanyahu, I appreciate his political genius. To the casual observer it seems defeatist for Netanyahu to continually ignore the Biden Administration’s requests. What isn’t easy to understand is Netanyahu puts the Biden Administration into an impossible dilemma, the only choices of which are — friend or foe.

The U.S. does nothing unless it’s put on the spot.

Zelensky, on the other hand, has done everything the Biden Administration asked. It doesn’t attack Moscow or St Petersburg with ATTACMS. Not in a real way. He trusted that the U.S. would eventually deliver the aircraft it needs.

Now he’s marginalized. There’s no coming back for him. It’s just a matter of time. He played not to lose and he lost.

Netanyahu always has a way back to power because he may not win but he never loses. There’s a difference.

Zelensky is finished. So the big question is, what’s next for Ukraine, if the above is true?