Ukraine, Time To Get Mad?

Dining in Kyiv, dying Donetsk

Max Can't Help It!


This was written months ago, November, 2023, inspired by conversations with Jake Jacobs. I have not re-read or edited it. I figure now is a good time to publish it.

I believe George Patton would have admired Ukrainian General Valerii Zaluzhnyi. He tells the truth. Not the truth you read in the media, that the war in Ukraine is at a stalemate, but the simpler truth among military men —that Zeluzhny can’t lead his men to victory.

He’s a great officer. Just not the right guy to beat the fck out of Putin’s army. Instead, he’s a guy who won’t make fiery speeches when U.S. empty-suited generals condescendingly tell him Ukrainians just needs some extra NATO training to win the war.

Far be it for me to impugn the integrity of any Ukrainian! I’m only a court-jester.

You know what is missing in Ukraine? Urgency. Where’d that go? When Russia was laying upwards of three mines per square meter why didn’t Ukraine realize they were about to get boxed in and do whatever it took to break through?

As it stands, there’s not enough de-mining equipment in the free world’s weapon storage to remove those mines.

Sure, maybe everything will change when (if) Ukraine gets F-16s. Or after Russia implodes economically. There are a thousands roads to Ukrainian victory — but none clearly in view today.

(I am NOT blaming Ukraine. Indeed, Ukraine should tell the West, “A day late and dollar short. We still don’t have F-16s, so you know what, we’ll allow Russia to keep the territory it has, make do with what’s left. We know we can defend that. Let’s see what you can do in the years ahead as Russia re-arms and the world stops using dollars. No hard feelings.”)

Getting back to Ukraine’s other choice.

Let’s look at Ukraine is, territorially, between when Jake Jacobson first told me I should question Ukraine’s ability to maneuver warfare, and today.

Not much difference

What if Ukrainians are happy enough with this stalemate? Because if they really want to take the…