Ukraine War Update — 2 Years

History repeating…

Max Can't Help It!


First, I believe we’re a few years into a decades long war which will wax and wane as it spreads globally throughout the prosperous nations.

Unlike the past 70 years (the Balkan Wars excluded) Europeans are now fighting a war in Ukraine that may take decades to fully resolve (many argue we’re already at the 10 year mark).

The U.S. and most European nations send weapons. Europeans are dying fighting with them. As we head into the 3rd year, with no end in sight, it gets harder for Russia to claim it’s a “Special Military Operations” and harder for other Europeans to ridicule Russians for calling it so.

It is a war and the Europeans are the ones who should admit it — admit if Ukraine loses they lose. I don’t mean that in a rah-rah Ukraine way. I mean in a you broke it, you own it way.

Next we have over 30,000 dead Israelis. “What!” you say, “They’re Palestinians, not Israelis!” We’ll see in the comments. But I believe some of my most vociferous Israelis readers, who call me an antisemite, will nod their heads a bit.

When Israel was created in 1948 everyone within its borders were Israelis. Forget what happened. The goal was to build one nation-state and it was never to exclude Arabs. Sure, there were radicals then, but they were not the majority. Not by a long-shot. Even today, many Israelis and Arabs want one nation-state. Their voices have been drowned out. The fact that most of them, so far, have gotten along has been unfortunately obscured.

In any event, to me we have 30,000+ Israelis killed in a civil war.

What are the prime drivers of these rich-nation wars? Increasing energy costs and increased debt burdens placed on the those without tech skills or property. Let me come at this from a few angles:

Like WWII, Global Wealth Reverting to the Mean

When Ukraine said they’re fighting Russia for everyone, Westerners laughed behind their backs.

When the time comes, when the West must fight on the ground, they will enter the war believing they’ll make short work of it — with all the advanced weapons held back from Ukraine. Not gonna happen.