Wagner PMC and OceanGate Are The Same Story

Max Can't Help It!
3 min readJun 25, 2023

President Biden probably knew. Or could have found out, a few hours after the submersible was crushed by too many pounds of ocean weight on too few dollars high quality carbon fiber. I believe Putin has knowns for days, if not weeks and months, that the Wagner PMC group was out of money and Prigozhin out of patience. (Why wouldn’t he? He’s the one paying him!)

Work, travel, I’ve been busy. I try to catch up reading the news and once again I’m shocked at how reporters don’t ask the most basic questions.

Always follow the money. (Sorry for the rant to follow but I don’t have time to write clearly).

Stockton Rush of OceanGate and Yevgeny Prigozhin of Wagner PMC are the same person. They promise expensive results on the cheap. They blame “mismanagement” and too many “regulations” for why wealthy people can’t tour the Titanic in a submersible or win a war against a supposedly inferior army.

Rush is a fake engineer. Prigozhin is a fake general. They both sound smart by exposing little lies while perpetrating huge frauds.

Let’s do some simple math. If the average pay/cost of a Wagner mercenary is $2,000 a month and there are 25,000 of them that’s $50 million Prigozhin must earn/receive EVERY month. Who pays it? Putin, of course, and various elite interests around him. Why did Putin hire Prigozhin to take Bahkmut? Because he was promised it on the cheap. (And BTW, he didn’t deliver it. The Russian Army obliterated it with artillery and bombs!)

Now that it’s obvious that Putin and his friends won’t see a return on their investment OF COURSE they’re going to cut Prigozhin off!

Why wouldn’t Russia’s Defense Ministry withhold their ammunition to Wagner? For months the media has kept repeating that story as if it was a legitimate complaint. Right there, the story was in the open for all to see.

The money for the war was drying up — fast.

It’s all malarky about Prigozhin wanting to run Russia.

When it comes to Prigozhin, it’s all about money — full stop. Putin took a little Georgia and split it up amongst his friends. A little a bit of North Africa (with Prigozhin). A little bit of the Donbas. All of Crimea. And now the greedy fkcs…