War of Attrition — I Don’t See It

  • Never mind that Ukraine receives more accurate artillery from the West, every day.
  • Never mind that when Russian units try to advance on the ground, after a barrage by said shit-load of Russian artillery, the Ukrainian fight with passion and organization leading to Russians running away in all directions. (who can blame them?)
  • Never mind that techie Ukrainians are building anti-drone weapons in their attics while techie pro-war Russians are blogging about the supposed strength of Russia’s rouble in the safety of their St. Petersburg or Moscow apartments.
  • Never mind that Russia hasn’t done a single impressive thing since the war began. Not one. We live in a mass-psychosis where we believe Russia has some super-dangerous military. Years of Bond movies and Cold War propaganda. Why do people believe flatting a defenseless town with a howitzer shows great (if any!) military strength?
  • Never mind that Russia, on the whole, has lost control of hundreds of square kilometers of territory in Ukraine yet when it wins one square kilometer everyone says it’s now the end of Ukraine.
  • Never mind that Russia has repeatedly tried to cross the river but can’t because there aren’t enough competent Russian soldiers willing to protect the crossing on the other side?



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Max Rottersman

Max Rottersman

I try to write stories that go where the general media doesn’t.