What’s Going on in Ukraine? I Still Have No Idea

Max Can't Help It!
5 min readMay 6, 2024

You read nothing, I read everything and yet we are equals!

In 2022, Western media ran daily stories about the captured Russian tanks displayed in the streets of Kyiv. Today, there are few stories about Russia’s similar outdoor trophy-fest, fearing a U.S. made M1 Abrams Tank.

Years ago I wanted the U.S. to send Ukraine 500 M1 Abrams tanks. It only sent 31.

Our government didn’t explain their reasoning. Perhaps today we know why.

Why isn’t it a front-page story in the Western media about those captured “NATO” tanks in Moscow? You tell me.

I don’t believe the Biden administration is purposely lying. I don’t believe the defense industry told the major networks to ignore this story. Indeed, if I’m arguing anything it’s that we don’t care enough to get the facts.

Conspiracy theories only work if you have contradictions between solid evidence. The stronger the facts, the more interesting the theory. So, it’s an accepted fact that World Trade Center Building 7 was not hit by an airplane (the fires were caused by falling debris). It’s an accepted fact that it collapsed. Seems strange.

Did our government know all along that the M1 Abrams would be useless in Ukraine? Why didn’t they tell us? Why didn’t CNN, MSNBC, FOX…