Zelensky Falters

Max Can't Help It!
3 min readMay 21, 2023
Where is Zelensky speaking from?

What is a female political activist like Nassima al-Sadah, who says she was tortured in a Saudi Arabia prison, to make of Zelensky’s visit to the Arab League Summit, which is a whose-who of male non-democratic rulers? What am I to make of it!

She might point out, “listen to the echo in his voice.” It sounds like he’s in that big room but we can’t see him, only a projection. Is he behind the screen? Or in a separate room? Where exactly is he? Why doesn’t the media show his surroundings? Rather, why does the media make it seem like he’s in the same room with everyone when there is no proof he is (if one cares to look)?

Perhaps he’s in a private room with the real power-brokers.

Just in case I haven’t made my bias clear. I’d rather we had better relations with Iran than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By the way, why wasn’t Iran there? Isn’t the KSA and Iran friends now?

Assad, from Syria, first time there in a decade.

If you wonder why no one from the West was in attendance.

When his own turn came to speak, Mr. al-Assad used his few minutes to castigate the “domination of the West, devoid of principles, morals, friends and partners.” The emergence of a multipolar world is “a historic opportunity to rearrange our affairs with the least amount of foreign intervention,” he said.